The summer is upon us and the weather is perfect to catch some waves. In order to get you into the mood we have chosen 5 surfing films we believe will have you longing for the ocean.

Blue Crush (2002)

It may not be a classic but Blue Crash is certainly a film that will make you want to grab a surfboard and find some waves. The surfing scenes are beautifully shot and really capture the fluid beauty of surfing. The fact that the backdrop to the film is Hawaii’s North Shore certainly helps. Starring future blockbuster stars Kate Bosworth and Michelle Rodriguez the film is also notable for showing the passion of female surfers in a genre of film that is traditionally male dominated. – Video removed by user

Endless Summer (1966)

Considered the most influential surf film ever made by LA Weekly, the documentary follows two Californian surfers as they travel around the world in search of the perfect wave. For surf photographer Craig Peterson it was the South Africa sequence that got him and many other surfers hooked on the sport. “That sequence, coming over the sand dunes and finding that offshore, fun-feeling wave, just floored so many surfers and so many people.”

Point Break (1991)

Point Break is considered the ultimate action film and has become an iconic film in the genre. One aspect of the film that made it so popular was its depiction of surf culture. The idea that no matter who you are, be it a cop or a criminal, you can still find a connection through the waves. The Inertia in their list of the 10 reasons why Point Break is the best surfing film ever notes that the film ends at Bells Beach one of the most famous surfing spots in the world. The culture site notes that the final scene of Bodhi surfing the 50-year storm is the perfect end to the perfect movie.

Riding Giants (2004)

For most surfers the thrill of surfing is capturing the perfect wave. For a select few, the biggest thrill is putting their life on the line to ride some of the world’s biggest and most dangerous waves. The film’s subjects are some of the world’s most famous and daring surfers including Greg Noll, Jeff Clark, and legendary surfer Laird Hamilton. In their review of the film A.V. Club called in it “a shameless adoration of the kind of people who devote their lives to the existential pursuit of the perfect wave.”

Surf’s Up

The animated movie is a fun surfing film for everyone to enjoy. Featuring cameos from Kelly Slater and Rob Machado, Surf’s Up shows how integrated surfing has become in our culture. The idea of surfing is seen as one of life’s greatest dreams and has been realised through cinema and pop culture including on the online gaming community Slingo who have their own dedicated surfing game called Wipeout. It doesn’t matter how surfing is depicted, be it on the silver screen or the computer screen, audiences are drawn to the culture and thrill surrounding the sport. Surf’s Up is a great film to introduce new members to the sport and also a good reminder of how fun surfing should be.